How Rich Am I?

Well whenever I am asked this question, seldom as it is, by the few ill mannered ones, I always find myself thinking... I like to think before I answer in view of certain youthful impulses that have taught me the importance of ponderous reflection.

So how rich am I ?... well all my associates are always paid on time, I have a home I love, I travel with a modicum of small luxury and I have all the clothes I need to suit my vanity..... “So really” some one always presses on: “How rich are you?" and it is usually at this point that my mind wonders to a time and a place some 28 years ago.

A one bedroom apartment with a stereo, two banana lounges, a bed a kitchen table and a stove.

The one thing that always shines in all of my memories is the reassuring glow of her smile and the warmth of her touch. It was still there the first time I lost it all in a miscalculated business affair.

It gave me courage when I built it all again.

It gave me reassurance when it all disappeared the second time and it reaffirmed my confidence when I started building it back.

I have had things, many things and I lost even more things. But if you were to ask me what they were, I truly forgot them already.

When I see her smile and I feel her touch I do not think about my bank account. I know who I am and I know what I can do. But when I see Nanci smiling next to me and I feel her hand touching mine…. 28 years later, nothing has changed.

She makes me happy.

As for my bank account???... I really don't care all that much, as long as she is with me I can always win it all back…… any place any time.

So how rich am I? I am very rich and it has nothing to do with money.

©2013 Nick Stellino Productions