A Bottle af San Pellegrino Does Your Body Good!!


This is a story I made up when i had too much time on my hands. This little ditty is about two of my dear friends, Chef John Tesar in NYC and Andy Husbands in Boston. The story came as the result of a silly photo which defined and inspired this "film noir screenplay" ..... I hope you enjoy it.

The Story

Andy the “Fro’ man” did not like to be told what to do. He wanted his shot and he wanted it now. The family did not have a rein on him and since he last checked NYC was still an open city. Andy heard that Johnny “T “ had taken over the east side of the “Big Apple” and the fish trade belonged now to his crew.
The kid was not Italian but he sure had moves. His crew had come in from Dallas with the blessing of the family Boss: Big Nick “Toll-Tales”. Andy was not crazy about him either but he knew better then to mess with that crazy Sicilian.

When he came out of the hotel suite his crew was outside waiting for him. Andy thought maybe they should all go out together and see Johnny “ T”. He was tossing fish on the griddle at his join uptown. A swanky affair called Fishtail.
Andy was packing heat, he had a mind to show big “T” a thing or two about this fish turf thing of his.
Johnny was making moves all over the eastern sea-board and as far as Andy was concerned this was no place for some damned cowboy to be horsetailing around.
Johnny “T” should had stayed in Dallas and the hell with big Nick. The “Big Apple” was still an open city and no smooth-talking sharp-dressed “dago” was gonna tell him what to do. Andy run his own crew and as far as he was concerned big Nick was gonna be …
He shut the door behind him and they all rode uptown. They were bound for a rumble tonight!

Big Nick was a tall man and an engaging storyteller. His tales were toll but they were all true, since he had taken over the family business he had manage to corral a crew of independent hair-trigger,
shooting-happy slobs into their own territory. Big Nick called the shots and things got done his way. He had no qualms about maiming a goon or two, if that is what it took to make his point.

At this moment he was pushing an olive around his martini glass wondering what to do with that crazy bastard out of “Beantown”. Andy was in the “big apple” now and looking to square it out with Johnny “T”. There was gonna be trouble and someone was gonna have to pay. Big Nick took the last sip of his martini placed down the glass and called Johnny. This was not going to be a pleasant conversation.

Johnny “T” was a handsome man and a sharp dresser. All the ladies loved this dandy, but Johnny only had eyes for “ Tracy” his number one moll. She was one tall drink water out of Austin. The family liked this about Johnny , he was stable and that meant he would take care of business.
Johnny was up to his elbows in fish guts when Big Nick called. One of his “boys” held the phone to his ear.
As he listened, his eyes darted around furiously and his teeth clenched tightly. Then, he took a big breath and responded in a soft voice: “The deed will be done Don Nick!”

Andy and his crew walked in the joint at about 8:30 they all spread out at the bar and started to case out the space, the “Fro man" was impulsive but he was not stupid, in his mind he was formulating a strategy for his attack. His fingers run softly over the piece of cold steel he kept hidden under the coat. Maybe they should have a drink before getting down to his nasty bit of business. He yelled out at the bartender: “ Goddammit get me and the boys a Bloody Mary and get a move on it while you still have all your fingers!”

Andy’s eyes where aghast with surprise when the bartender turned around. He did not expect to be staring at Johnny. A quick scan of the room and he knew he had been outmaneuvered there were Johnny’s boys positioned at all the exits and all the 4 corners of the room. Someone had betrayed him. Maybe it was Ricky “Moon Man” from Vegas or Gil the “Tango Dancer” from Philly. His forehead was starting to sweat profusely.

Johnny did not missed a beat, he popped the cap of a small Sanpellegrino bottle and placed it in a chilled bucket before Andy’s incredulous face. Then in his slow southern drawl he said: “ Big Nick wants you to have a drink, he says that Sanpellegrino water is good for you, It does your body good and it keeps your bones strong and healthy.”
With that he poured some of it in a chilled glass and handed it over to Andy.

“ Big Nick would be most honored to know that you have accepted his drink.” Johnny went on to say.” He would be even more thankful if you smile while I take a picture”
At this point his moll: Tracy, came from around the bar and took a picture of Andy with her telephone.
Johnny smiled a sinister smile:” Big Nick tells me to tell you that Sanpellegrino water tastes a hell of a lot better then the Hudson river… Capisci? ”
Andy Understood only too well he took a deep long sip, swallowed the water and then motioned his crew to follow him outside. They all did .This time they all walked on their own legs unharmed. There were cars waiting. Andy looked around one more time and then he got in.

Big Nick smiled when he saw that picture displayed on his phone screen. He took another sip of his martini, straightens his tie and slowly started to walk away. He knew in his heart this was not over yet. Maybe he needed to pay a visit to the “Fro’-Man” in “Beantown” . But that is another story for another time.

©2013 Nick Stellino Productions