Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2012

The man took a look at his watch. His friend was now over 30 minutes late: ” Typical” he thought to himself.

He was alone in a strange city, in front of a huge building, waiting, and waiting to no avail: “The Heck with this!” his mind was made up now.

He would go inside and look for him, even though he had no idea where he might be.

The building was a huge structure, massive; it was part of the university medical center, one of the biggest in the world. There were entrances everywhere, but which one was the right one?

“Decisions, decisions!” he murmured to himself.

Then , he moved, and with a spring in his step off he went, down to the lower level, next to the emergency room, into the research center , and that is where he stopped.
He was inside an intestine of corridors, all painted the same color with no directions what so ever. “Where to go?” He almost laughed at himself.

He took a right, then a left then, he did not know anymore , it came to a point where he was so lost he did not even know how to proceed, or for that matter, he did not even remember how to get back. It did not take long, but the man realized he was lost.

On his left he saw a big desk, with a huge sign that said: “ Security”. So much for that not a soul was standing by. He marched on.

Somewhere, from around the corner he heard a voice. Well, actually it was more like laughter, filled with girlish glee. He followed the sound, until he finally found her; she was still on the phone.

She was talking to someone else, but she was looking at him. He was looking too; he felt his mouth open but no words came out. All he could see were her eyes, those beautiful brown eyes, and that smile.

They stood like that , looking at each other for a few instants, both aware of the awkwardness of that moment, both of them unaware of the destiny before them.

Life is one strange thing, it rarely makes any sense, and it still doesn’t.
Yet, that we care for it or not, it happens. We are always so busy thinking about the way things should be, we end up missing on the preciousness of the present moments.

There are always many curves, to interrupt our path; there are many options and very little time to make a decision, even when we think we are in control, we are just wondering down the long corridor of our life, shaping our future with every step we take.

I was that man lost in the corridors. I saw her eyes, I heard her voice, I felt her touch. My world changed at that very moment, in an instant, in spite of my ambitious plans.

The future that followed was far better than anything else I had ever imagined. Whatever the cost, I was glad to pay it.

This Valentine’s Day, when you look around and account for all that life has not yet given you, make note of what truly matters.

Touch the hand of your loved one and if your heart, like mine, should slightly tremble, even if for a fraction of a second, then remember this: “Money, is made of paper! It is our passion that saves us from damnation, and when that passion is shared with someone we love, and in turn, it is returned with equal love, there is nothing we cannot do.. NOTHING!”

To all my friends who have found love I exhort you all not to let it go. To all others who are still looking, remember this, it is not what has happened that matters, rather it is our willingness to go still further, looking for that special someone, and if you think you are just getting lost further and further into the corridors of the human condition, remember this: “ LOVE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL!!!”

I find myself looking at her still, I love hearing the sound of her voice, I discover myself lost in a sea of calm, whenever I touch her hand. Nothing else matters.

I have had much success in the pursuit of my enterprise and I have had even more failures. I have met defeat with sullen disappointment and met glory with a casual glance. The inexplicable succession of my good fortune and my failures leave me somewhat unfazed. But, her touch, her smile and those beautiful eyes, still frame every moment of happiness I have ever known.

On this day antecedent to the Valentine’s celebrations, I wish you all: “LOVE!”

©2013 Nick Stellino Productions