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Life is like a Circus!

One of our most famous Italians here in America, Restaurateur Sirio Maccioni, has created a restaurant in the heart of Manhattan that reflects this sentiment: Osteria Del Circo offers exquisite Italian food, prepared with passion and served in an atmosphere reminiscent of an elegant circus. Osteria Del Circo is, by all means, one of my favorite dining experiences... Read More

Happy Valentine's Day!

The man took a look at his watch. His friend was now over 30 minutes late: ” Typical” he thought to himself. He was alone in a strange city, in front of a huge building, waiting, and waiting to no avail: “The Heck with this!” his mind was made up now... Read More

Recipe for Style

Recently, Astor & Black was given the esteemed honor of sitting down with celebrity chef and self-acclaimed “clotheshorse”, Chef Nick Stellino, in his lovely Italian villa set atop the hills of Los Angeles... Read More

A Lasagna Dinner Party!!!

The man started to knead the dough, carefully, gently, at first, then with a more enthusiastic flow. There were no thoughts of spreads, percentages or back-end points, nor, for that matter, were there any lawyer’s minutes or bullet points that needed to be studied... Read More

Mr. Acampora's Haberdashery

La Sartoria Acampora was in a small “vicolo” (side street) in the old part of the city, near the historic church of “Casa Professa.” “Abiti su misura” —custom-made suits—promised the sign outside... Read More

It is about time for this pebble to go home!

I was busy packing my bags, hurrying about at the last minute. To make things worse, there was a power failure and the upstairs was hot and muggy that afternoon... Read More

Her name was Mariuccia

It was July of 1975, a few weeks before I was to come to America. My father and I were heading home after shopping for lunch at the "Vucciria", the oldest open market in Palermo.... Read More

A Bottle of San Pellegrino Does Your Body Good!!"

This is a story I made up when i had too much time on my hands. This little ditty is about two of my dear friends... Read More

Il Borgo at Castello Banfi. “A little slice of paradise in the Tuscan Countryside”

My early flight to Rome from Palermo had been cancelled , I managed to find another flight on a different airline. Things looked a bit brighter in Rome when we finally picked up our luggage... Read More

How Rich Am I?

Well whenever I am asked this question, seldom as it is, by the few ill mannered ones, I always find myself thinking... Read More

A man should know when he is lucky

This was going to be one of the most important phone calls of the year. I had been working on this business deal for quite sometime and it all came down to this final presentation... Read More

A Man and His Cat

It had been a long day, his business endeavors had met with challenges and unpleasant outcomes, and he was tired... Read More

Give When You Can: Nick Stellino and the Red Cross

His suit is immaculate and the ever-present smile is there on his face. He spends a few minutes on stage and he's greatly appreciated. He's suave, calm and gracious - a man about town. One would never suspect what he's been through... Read More

A Storyteller in the Kitchen: My Experience On NBC's Today Show

Being asked to do the Today Show, one of the country’s most influential daily programs, is an incredible honor and, in spite of the fact that I had made a number of previous appearances on the show in the past, allow me to say this: “It gets more and more exciting every time!”... Read More

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