Boiled Beef Piemontese Style


3 ½ pounds first-cut beef brisket or bottom round rump roast, in one piece
7 - 8 cups beef stock homemade or four 14.5-ounce cans beef stock, plus water to cover
2 sprigs fresh thyme or ¼ teaspoon dried
4 sprigs fresh parsley
1 large bay leaf
10 peppercorns (bruised or cracked)
¾ lb. Carrots, peeled with ends trimmed, cut into 2 " long pieces, about 5 or 6
2 lb. Potatoes, peeled, cut into large chunks, 2 - 3 "
2 cups fresh or frozen Peas
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
Parsley for garnish
1 recipe for Green Sauce


Serves 6

Make the bouquet garni, place the thyme , Parsley and Bay leaf, and peppercorns in a pre-made cheesecloth bag or place in a square of cheesecloth, gather all sides together and tie securely into a pouch at the top with kitchen string.

Place the brisket and the stock in a dutch oven or pot wide and deep enough to hold them. The meat should be completely covered by liquid. If necessary, add water to cover.

Add the bouquet garni. Bring to a boil.

When the liquid comes to a boil, skim the scum. Reduce heat . Cover and simmer until fork tender - about three hours. (It will not hurt the meat to go a bit longer, but undercooking will result in tough meat).

Thirty minutes before the meat has finished cooking, add the potatoes and carrots to the pot. Cover and continue simmering.

Add the frozen peas two minutes before the meat and vegetables are finished cooking. (Check the meat and vegetables for doneness by carefully piercing with a fork, then add the peas.)

When the meat and vegetables are done: Place the meat on a carving board, discard the bouquet garni, remove the vegetables with a slotted spoon and keep warm. Bring the remaining liquid to a boil and reduce for two to three minutes. Taste for salt and pepper. (If using salted, canned broth, no additional salt is necessary)

While the Beef simmering make the green sauce.

Slice the beef into ¼ " slices (if there is a layer of fat on the top or bottom of the meat, trim prior to slicing). Line up the slices in the center of a serving dish, slightly overlapping. Surround the meat with the cooked mixed vegetables. Ladle some of the cooking liquid over the beef and vegetables.

Garnish with one small cluster of fresh parsley sprigs and a twist of lemon.

Serve the green sauce in a separate bowl on the side.

Chef’s Tip:

You could make a second sauce to serve along with the green sauce if you boil and reduce the skimmed braising stock by half , add salt and pepper to taste, then make a paste with of 1 ½ Tbsp. of soften Butter mixed with 1 ¼ Tbsp. of flour. Add this paste to the boiling stock whisk in well until it thickens.